DH’s Ultrasound Results

DH went for his scrotal ultrasound today. We waited over 3 months for this appointment. It’s good news, and bad, I guess.

He showed up an hour early by mistake, because he didn’t read his confirmation email. Usually, I handle all the appointments and I make a calendar reminder on his phone for him. But the clinic contacted him directly for the appointment, and he didn’t let me know the exact time. At least he wasn’t late. It just sucked for him because he thought his appointment was at 6:45 am instead of 7:45 am. Anyway, as much as I want to, I can’t control everything.

DH had a hydrocele when he was younger. He took a puck to the nuts. He had to have it drained, and everything was okay. One of our concerns when we saw the urologist was that this injury caused some scarring that was blocking the vessels for the sperm to get out. The ultrasound was to see if this was the case.

The results were good. He has a little bit of scar tissue from the injury, and a little bit of hydrocele on both sides, but very small, no varicose veins, no damage to the surface or interior, so essentially, the injury should have no effect on fertility, and everything is fine.

While this is great news, it also isn’t great news because our male factor infertility can’t be fixed with surgery. It means that his bad SAs are likely a direct result of his chromosome abnormality, or could be related to his depression.

He is convinced that we can get pregnant naturally, but I am absolutely certain that we can’t. He also just found out one of his closest friends is seeing a fertility doctor, and they are doing whatever they can to avoid IVF. DH seems to think we can avoid IVF too. They’ve been trying for two years, and DH has seen the stress in his friend’s life because of TTC.

DH doesn’t seem to understand that our issue is now a genetics thing. I don’t know if he understands that he may never be able to father children, or that if I get pregnant, what the chances of miscarriage, and birth defects are.

I wasn’t planning on starting treatment until January anyway, and DH wants another SA to prove that it was his stress. So we will do another SA before we start IVF and go from there.

I know I’m a pessimist, but I don’t know how to get him to understand how grave our situation is. ARGH! MEN! lolMen

8 thoughts on “DH’s Ultrasound Results

  1. This is a tough situation. Maybe the next SA will give you a little more of an answer if it’s still the same, of course if it’s better then that is wonderful news! I’m not exactly sure how our RE put it but it seems like he said let’s say your hubby did an SA today, those sperm would have produced like 2-3 months ago. You may look that up just to be sure but he told us that when were last in the office. I know how frustrating it is feeling you are doing anything about infertility and just waiting. At this point I am just ready to try IVF and pray it works.


    • I’ve read that sperm takes 2-3 months to regenerate as well. I’m guessing the one we just did last week would have similar, if not worse, results to the ones we did previously.

      Hopefully, there will be drastic improvement when we do another SA in December, or remain the same so DH will finally realize it won’t happen naturally. My worse scenario is a slight improvement where the doctor tells us to wait and try naturally.


  2. I agree with Amie that it can take up to 2-3 months for a change in SA. I have heard of lots of stories where a reduction in stress and a change in diet can help tremendously. Keep your head up. I’m believing in a miracle for you guys 🙂 Sending you hugs! I know news like this is hard to swallow :/ xo



    • Thanks Elisha! Every time I write your name I think of your post a couple weeks ago about how you mispronounced your own name at your wedding! Lol

      I will need to convince DH to cut out alcohol and caffeine. That may be pretty tough for him even though he claims he’s been cutting down on the caffeine.

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  3. Sperm cycles are 90 days! Take some vitamins, get on an extreme healthy diet, get rid of stress, caffeine, sugar, alcohol – no bike rides or hot tubs – it will all make a HUGE difference. And YES you can get pregnant naturally – anything is possible with Jesus!

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    • Thanks Caroline! I definitely need to pray more. I think I will order DH some vitamins. His counts and everything else decreased after taking Fertilaid, Count boost, and Motility boost last time, so I’m a little hesitant. Maybe that was related to stress though.


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