How did you know your clinic was "the one"?

We have only been to one fertility clinic for a consult. The experience was fine, the clinic was really nice, and our patient coordinator has been so helpful. However, DH found that they were really pushy in getting us to start IVF right away. The urologist he met with also practiced out of the same clinic, and he was also very pushy towards IVF.

I’ve read that for IUI to be one of the potential methods, DH needs at least 5 million sperms so there will still be a substantial number after the wash. DH’s sperm counts are LOW, at 1 million, so I wasn’t as surprised that they were pushing for IVF.

I’ve put in a request to go to another fertility clinic. So here we are waiting again. How many clinics did you consult with before find the one? How did you know it was the one?


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9 thoughts on “How did you know your clinic was "the one"?

  1. We only went to one as well. I did have some thoughts of trying another one before we started these last two rounds of treatment but as of right now I am glad we stuck with this one. I do believe it's good to check other places though until you both feel comfortable.


  2. We only tried one, but they were not pushy. I actually was the one who kept pushing for IVF, and my doctor told me to wait. I really appreciate that about them, and the more blogs I read, the more I realize how rare that is. I have a friend going to them, and they did recommend that she begin with IVF, but it didn't feel pushy, more just the facts.

    It's good to keep an open mind, and if you are doing IVF you want to best success rates. But also don't be afraid to search for a doctor that cares about you and not the money.


  3. Thanks for your comment. It's great to hear how you and your friend had different experiences at the same clinic. I truly believe our doctor was recommending the best course of action, but it never hurts to get another consult.


  4. We only went to 1. We live in a smaller city and there really isn’t an option to go to another clinic unless we want to drive a long distance. With that low of a sperm count, statistically speaking, IUI really is a waste of time and money……at the same time, I know how expensive IVF is….so that’s a tough pill to swallow!


    • Hi Jen!

      DH also has a chromosomal abnormality. So we’re definitely going the IVF route. We’re meeting with another clinic in a few weeks to see how it goes. DH had such a bad experience with the urologist at the first clinic that he’s put off by them completely. I hope he likes the new clinic more!


  5. Thanks for linking up to my blog this week. We’ve only been to one clinic. Honestly, we chose it because it was the only one in our local area. We have been very happy with them though.


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